Friday, December 30, 2005

Quite possibly my last post of the year. With Monday and Tuesday off next week, we're getting on a train tonight for Ping Yao, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, to celebrate the new year on the road...

If you can believe it, I've actually had numerous conversations about being observed by the Chinese. In a governmental way. This isn't just some paranoiac aside. A number of times, especially in relation to the open mic at The Bookworm, which is a well-advertised, well-attended public event now, I've felt watched. Friends of mine have asked me if so-and-so was a spy or not, and I've had my own suspicions about certain people. What do I know? Nothing. I go on about my business.

Poetically, I'm fairly safe. I'd like to think I'm embedding deeper messages in those little poems I dash off, but I'm not drawing extra attention to myself. I'm not writing anything, on the surface, politically critical, haven't ever really been so explicit, and, at least, only support free speech as any conscious American might. What am I worried about? Nothing, I guess. I just seems strange to be considering such things. Things I had never thought about before. I suppose these things could happen in my own country, especially these days with the Patriot Act or whatever it is.

I wanted to post something more encompassing than this, reflections on the past year of whatever, but it's just not happening. You could take this opportunity to look at my posts from a year ago and see where I was then. What's changed? I ask these question, but no one ever answers. That won't stop me.

The next year, the year of the dog, I believe, my year, is looking good. I'll get married and that, in itself, seems to fall within fortune's purview. Other than that, I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks to everyone who continues to return here to read about me and my happenings. A happy new year to all and best of luck to those of you who make those loathsome wishes known as new year's resolutions. I never make one, probably never will, and don't put much stock in such tomfoolery, but I won't disparage those of you who do. You have good intentions. Do Chinese people make new year's resolutions?

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