Sunday, December 25, 2005

Covered Bushes - BeijingTrying to get in my last Christmas licks for you, even though Christmas in Beijing ended about 46 minutes ago. I've been meaning to write all day, and I actually worked on a poem throughout the day, but can only now get down to the real work that is the blog. Speaking of work, it's back to the usual grind tomorrow. It's cold here, although it had warmed up a bit at the end of last week, and the sky is still relatively clear, like it's been almost every day for the past few weeks. You can see what many of the bushes along the roads in Beijing look like (the green lumps pictured here) as most of them are wearing their dark green Winter coats now. It's not a very good picture, but the best I could do from a moving car.

Kitchen Table - Christmas 2005We didn't do much today. Sat around in our pajamas and Christmas refuse, part of which is pictured here. If you can name everything on the table, I'll send you a special reward. There are a few more Christmas pictures here, if you're interested. Went out for a nice lunch at Grandma's Kitchen, exchanged a sweater that I had given Angela, returned to watch a movie and then cleaned up the apartment. Saw some workers erecting a funeral tent outside our apartment building so I guess someone died. Seth and Marianna came over in the evening bearing gifts and we had a nice chat. All things considered, it was a nice relaxing day. Now, it's much too late and I have to get to bed.

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