Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend recap.

Dawn invited Angela and me to a Japanese restaurant, which was excellent. The restaurant specialized in okonomiyaki and it brought back some nice memories of Japan for us. On a side note, having taken an informal poll of my 3rd-grade students last week during our break, I was surprised (perhaps because they were so young and also so far removed from the more scarring history between Japan and China) to hear that they had an extreme dislike for Japanese people. Do with it what you will. We thought the food was fine and we stayed more than a few hours nursing our beers despite having to sit Japanese-style. After Japanese, we moved to Yu Gong Yi Shan to catch some live music. We had a great time, finally returning home around 2AM.

I met Jorgé on Saturday afternoon for a pizza, and we planned a writing activity for Sunday. Assuming our successful completion of the task, which was to write every hour on the hour for twelve hours, we would present our alternating endeavor on Wednesday at The Bookworm. After breaking away from Jorgé, I turned to the nearby shopping centers to get some long overdue Christmas shopping done. Unfortunately, I missed the bus on sending gifts home this year, but I still need to take care of Angela and a few other local favorites. When I got home, I put my things down and left with Angela to join Seth and Marianna for dinner at Pete's Tex Mex. The company was outstanding and the food was wonderful, but the ambiance was a little on the plain side. Angela and me had planned to meet Dawn afterwards at The Bed bar to see DJ Pauline but, yawning and feeling full after the late dinner, we were fighting the pull of our own bed in our own warm apartment and returned home.

As I had gone shopping on the previous day, Angela had mentioned doing the same on Sunday although, after popping in a DVD, those plans never materialized. We ended up watching three DVDs back-to-back-to-back. We haven't had much time to watch movies recently and we may have never watched three in succession before, but it was a nice rest. I had to explain to Angela why I was stopping the DVD every hour to write, which is not my usual practice. Eventually, we escaped our apartment to make a grocery run, so our day wasn't completely unproductive.

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