Monday, January 16, 2006

My null-space was longer than expected. I suppose, after the last series of lengthy posts, I deserved a break. A little bird told me that they were too long, though. What say you vast, masked denizens of cyberphase? How's my pace? Who may answer such a question? The screen blinklessly stares back at me while the computer hums another digital falsetto.

I couldn't access the internet from home since my last post and, while I'm not opposed to blogging at work, I just don't have any time to do it there, especially when my weekends are concerned. I'm not sure what caused the problem at home, but it seems to be fixed now. I came home for lunch where there is almost no food on hand, ate a few sesame crackers and waited for the internet guy. He showed up a few minutes later than he was scheduled to arrive, used an electronic gadget which beeped in a number of octaves as he keyed-in his entries, and then left without explanation. I'm not sure that he could have said anything to me in Chinese that would have left me with a reassuring feeling, but I was wondering if he was going to come back and, if so, when. Would I have to wait here all afternoon? The phone rang one time while he was out and then all was silent again. He returned after a few moments, walked over to the computer, grabbed my attention with a grunt, and showed me that I was connected. I said xie xie and escorted him to the door where he removed his plastic shoe-covers and walked out of the apartment.

Now, I can get back on this horse and catch up on all the e-mails that have been stacking up. During the hiatus, I wasn't particularly constructive with the additional time usually sucked out of me by the computer. Angela and me watched the complete second season of 24 and read a little more from our books. Seems like everything's running smoothly again. That's a relief. Time to get on with more important matters...

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