Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ping Yao, Part VI: Our Last 24 Hours

Ping Yao - Me & Chinese CharacterWe made our way back to Ping Yao and sat down at about 4PM to eat in one of the many guesthouses which all looked the same from the outside. After swallowing the lackluster dishes we'd ordered, we left the restaurant at around 5PM to try and catch a few of the sights in the area before they all closed. Dawn returned to the guesthouse as she was carrying around a number of souvenirs she had purchased. Angela and me hit four or five old buildings before catching up with Dawn taking pictures in the street outside our guesthouse. We entered one last in conspicuous attraction, which surprised us with a large temple hidden within, a nice display of foreign currency from around the world and a high tower which offered a fine view of the surrounding rooftops. When we exited, we found Dawn talking in the street with a young girl from Ping Yao. Her English was quite good and all of us joined in the conversation. Her English name was Lynn and she was with her beaming father and mute sister, both on bicycles while Lynn was on foot. We talked for a few minutes and then returned to the lobby of our guesthouse, wishing them a happy new year.

We all sat down to drink a beer and reflect. It was quite crowded in the lobby, but warm and lively. I did a little writing while Dawn and Angela read from their books. After a while, Angela went to our room to catch a few winks, and Dawn and I remained in the lobby drinking and talking and reading. Angela emerged at around 7:30PM at about the same time that Chris walked in. We were happy to see him as we had expected to see him in the morning to join us for breakfast, but he never arrived. Anyway, we all had another beer together and then made our way back to Sakura's to play some Liar's Dice. Chris wasn't drinking any more beer, but the rest of us ordered one. We played a few games and then lost our enthusiasm for it and just talked with each other. Chris was leaving early the next day and soon departed for bed. We wished him well and off he went. The three of us drank another beer and then decided it was time for us to leave, as well. It was about 12:00AM and when we exited the bar we could still hear the music so we, feeling a bit rowdy, danced in the black street in almost complete darkness. The sky had cleared and we could see the stars and some constellations clearly. It was nice end to our day.

Ping Yao - Sakura'sWe woke up at close to 9:30AM the next morning, and I called Dawn and informed her that we were going to go and eat breakfast without further delay. I dressed quickly and went out to the lobby. We were going to eat in our guesthouse again even though it was a little more expensive. The food was just better and it was hot when it arrived. I sat down and ordered for both Angela and myself, and she soon joined me at the table. Dawn was taking a little longer, but we weren't really in any hurry. We had planned to see a few more of the many historic sites around the city. Angela really wanted to see the Confucius temple (supposedly, a structure over 1000 years old), a Taoist temple and the old governmental building, which housed a nice exhibition of old torture and execution devices. We wrapped up our wanderings and returned to Sakura's. We wanted to eat lunch there, take a few pictures of the place, and have a good-bye drink. It was just about 3PM.

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