Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Attacked today by clear blue sky with strong sun and cold wind after a couple days of fog and haze. I thought we had, perhaps, seen the last of the icy weather, but it looks as if it's rearing its frozen head for a last stand.

Well into the elementary school grind again. Three days into this week, the first week back to school, and everyone's a little rusty. Our students haven't spoken English for nearly one month and some of the teachers are a little sluggish after the long holiday. It's enough to know we're on the downside of another school year.

I feel as if I'm operating on all cylinders at work, although I'm still trying to get my private life in order. I had ample time to recover from jet-lag after returning from Italy, although Angela has worked every day since we've been back. This weekend can't come fast enough. I've begun submitting work again with less negligence, also, which is a never-ending task, but I haven't yet been able to discipline myself to study Italian since I've returned from Italy. Waking up early to take advantage of the quiet hours before the day begins has been a challenge. Each night, I set my alarm for 6AM, but haven't made it out of bed until 8AM. I suppose going to bed at 1 or 2AM doesn't help matters. At least, I've felt refreshed when I've tackled my morning routine of brewing coffee and reading e-mail. Time to scoot out the door...

In any case, Wednesdays are always good days. Even though tomorrow is my long day (three classes in the morning, three in the afternoon and tutoring after school, the week is halfway over. In the evenings, I host the International Open Mic with the Subterranean Poets at The Bookworm, and that's always a good time. We have many things planned so we'll see how they pan out over the next six months. I'll post details as they materialize.

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