Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Putignano - Old SignsIt started snowing lightly a few frigid nights ago in the evening and then snowed quite heavily all night yesterday. When I woke up everything was covered in a blanket of snow. It was the second time it had snowed here in Putignano this winter. Angela wasn't feeling too well, both her and her mother seemed to have taken ill, and I went out to, at least, hit the Internet Point before lunch. Unfortunately, it was closed, but I decided to continue on for a stroll alone to take some photos of the town. Lots of people were out on the streets and sidewalks, talking and playing in the snow, and many people didn't even go to work. It made for a nice atmosphere of celebration. I stopped for a cappuccino and then returned to the snowy world.

Putignano - Maria ImmacolataThe streets were slushious and slippery. I had a great time walking around and ran into a couple of Angela's friends, Roberto and Angelo, in front of Piazza Plebiscito near the center of the old part of the city, centro storico. I stopped briefly and then moved on through the narrow streets looking for a path less traveled. I eventually found myself on the opposite side of town, where I snapped this photo of La Maria Immacolata on Estramurale a Levante Street with the steeple of Santa Maria in the background, and circled back around to return to Angela's parent's apartment. I stopped for one more cappuccino (I hadn't had any coffee in the morning before going out) and a few more photos before calling it a morning.

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