Sunday, February 19, 2006

Returned to Beijing after a nine hour flight from Copenhagen. The flight wasn't too crowded and some people could spread out comfortably. I had two seats to myself, Angela had moved to a middle row which was unoccupied in the hopes of stretching out there once we got off the ground, but I couldn't get comfortable and remained awake for nearly the entire flight. I can never sleep on airplanes, even if I've been awake longer than I should have been. I contented myself with scratching down some poetry and listening to one of the plane's music channels.

Since we've been back, fine blue skies and almost Springishly warm weather has greeted us every day. It's quite hazy outside today, unfortunately, but wonderful weather doesn't last too long here.

Had a meeting with my boss yesterday morning, which killed that part of my day. Met Angela for a late lunch and then went bowling with my coworkers. Much to our displeasure, we all had a meeting this Sunday morning to get us in gear for the next semester. We'll just be picking up where we left off so there really wasn't too much to talk about.

Spending some quality time at the computer now, trying to buck the learning curve on uploading a podcast for the Subterranean Poets. This is the name those of us who have been participating in the International Open Mic at The Bookworm have given ourselves. The website is simple a placeholder for now until we can start adding content. Making available our first audio recording of a show held in mid-December has proven a thorny task. Once I work out all the kinks, we plan to add additional content to enhance the audio selections, such as samples of writing, bios and interviews with the performers. Anyhow, stay tuned and I'll keep you informed.

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