Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day. Woke up in Putignano at 5:30AM. Drank coffee and watched some Olympic ice skating before dealing with our ensuing departure. Jumped in the shower and collected our things together. Francesco, Angela's brother-in-law, was picking us up at 6:45AM to take us to the airport in Bari.

45 minutes later, we were at the airport in Bari, drinking cappuccino before checking in for our 8:30AM flight to Rome. No problems. We were in Rome by 10AM. Hungry, we looked for a place to get something to eat. We found a place, ate sandwiches and watched the planes take off. I bought some limoncello, an Italian digestivo and Angela bought some perfume. We were waiting now for our flight to Copenhagen. I sat down to wait and read near the gate. Our flight was leaving at 1:20PM and everything was going smoothly.

We touched down in Copenhagen after about three hours in the air, exchanged some Euro for Krone, stashed our carry-on bags in a locker and bought train tickets to the city center. We boarded the train and were talking to each other about where to go. We hadn't really prepared so we really had no idea what to do. Angela tried to ask the woman sitting next to us a question, but the woman ignored us completely. We shrugged it off and, as the conductor was entering to check our tickets, we thought we would ask him. He told us how many stops until we reached the Central station and then he also told us that this was a "no talking" car, which hushed us and explained why the woman had ignored us a few moments before. We gathered our things and moved to a car in which we could talk freely.

Copenhagen - RÃ¥dhusThree stops later, we exited the train. It was about 5:00PM twilight outside and we didn't have to board our connecting flight to Beijing 8:30PM so we were on a mission to find a nice place to have a Valentine's Day dinner together. We began walking east and stumbled across what must have been the historical center of the city. Here's a picture of Rådhus, Copenhagen's City Hall near the entrance to The Stroget, Copenhagen's shopping and pedestrian walking district, which is closed to automobile traffic. After walking around for about an hour and enjoying the fine old buildings and sights, we found a nice restaurant, Jensen's Bøfhus and enjoyed steaks and beers, which tapped nearly all of our Danish ducets. We had plenty of time to get back to the airport without rushing and we had enough money to buy a couple more beers before boarding. We couldn't have planned it any better.

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