Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beijing - Elettroshock - Amalia Gré2006 is the year of Italy in China so there are many Italian events happening around Beijing. We went to the first day of the Elettroshock Festival, yesterday, at the Central Academy of fine Arts. The festival celebrates video in Italy from the 1970s to the present day. The festival will run through next weekend featuring different material on each of the four days.

I had a great time. We watched three segments, each about one hour in length. The videos were grouped categorically: Video, dunque sono - video about video, Città elettroniche - Electronic Cities, & Dall'Analogico al digitale - from analog to digital) skipping thie final set simply called Racconti - stories. Particularly noteworthy videos by Michele Sambin, made in the late 70s, were excellent. It was also nice to see some of the landmark music videos from Italy, including one by Michelangelo Antonioni filmed in 1984. This is a nice still of Amalia Gré who had a particularly wonderful and jazzy style of singing. I was excited to also see Good Griefies by Roberto Cuoghi which was a brief kind of bastard amalgamation of many famous cartoon characters. We also saw the first computer animated video called Pixnocchio, by Guido Vanzetti and Giuseppe Laganà. One of the most stylishly done videos was an animated short called Spiritual Healing, by Davide Catraro and Marvin Milanese, about a man or a king who had a strange tree, which he would cut off, growing out of his stomach.

By the end of the day, the crowd had thinned considerably. We have tickets for next weekend and we will probably return to see some of the videos then, as well, assuming we have the time. I would have gone today if I had not stayed home to nurse this cold...

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