Monday, March 13, 2006

Beijing - Chinese Man & Red DoorDual-rejection day. They weren't especially cold e-mails. I'm not sad about it. Shots in the dark. I did receive a third message from another editor with whom I had inquired which was playfully promising. After three hours in front of this swallower of gazes, this flat-screened beast emitting mp3s and other tones, my right arm, my neck and my bottom cry mercy. Still waiting for Angela to get home to get our dinner going, and eating's always, thankfully, something pleasant. Even the worst meal. Especially with good company.

So windy outside today you just breathe and get sand and dirt in your mouth and, no, I'm not walking around breathing out of my mouth. I need one of those masks. I suppose we're approaching that season.

Our apartment is drafty enough, but these days we can really feel the current blowing in from the crack under the front door. It leaves a nice film of dust over everything. Dust-bunnies come out of nowhere...

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