Monday, March 06, 2006

Beijing - 798 District - Rebirth of VenusWent to Beijing's Art District, 798, on Saturday afternoon with Angela and we walked around. After one hour on the bus and another thirty or so walking, we arrived. It's an old industrial area with many former factories that have been restored and turned into art galleries, shops and restaurants. The weather was splendid this past weekend, which made for comfortable walking conditions. I have heard of this place since I moved to Beijing but, after eighteen months, find myself finally getting out there for the first time. It's literally on the other side of the city and quite a trek to do some adventuring there.

Saturday evening, after our walk, we met Dawn and Thomas for dinner at a Hakka restaurant. It's among our favorite places to dine, but there are some strange items on the menu. Here's a sampling:
Sauced Chin of Duck
Wilding Double Bamboo Shoot Plate
Pig's Ear Marinated in Chili Oil
Fresh Aloe with Lemon Sauce
Chicken Paws in Guanzhou Flavor
Cold and Dressed Bracken with Sauce
Mixed Savory Shredded Jelly Fish
Fried Intestines with Tea Leaf
Marinated Soft-Shelled Turtle in Unique Taste
Baked Nine Joints Prawn with Salt
Broiled Bullfrog with Shenhuo Stone Plate
Braised Bean Curd with Chrysanthemum
Delicious Chicken Catilagein Salt and Pepper Plate
Stewed Fish Head with Minced Capiscum
Sauteed Eel Ball with Dry Spice and Garlic
Economic Pawpaw Stewed with Shark's Fin
Pleurotus Nebrodensis in Abalone Juice
Fried Intestine Clay-Pot
Iron Platter Brinjaul Pickled in Thai Sauce
Braised Tuckahoe with Tortoise
Braised Ladybell, Bamboo Shoot and Pigeon
Braised Encommia with Pizzle
Steamed Olive Leaves with Heart of Cabbage
The Wife Cake
I didn't check the spelling of any of these items and, certainly, I can't comprehend everything here, but it's on my list of things to do. Actually, for a restaurant with an English menu, there were surprisingly few errors on the menu.

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