Saturday, April 08, 2006

Beijing - 13 Club - Bob Marcacci - SpotlightFantastic night on Thursday at 13 Club. This is a picture of me on stage. My creative and performance life has been blowing up lately, and I'm a little exhausted at the moment but not dead. I'll take the weekend to recover a bit and move a little more slowly.

Fresh from his brief reading tour in the U.S., Alex Jorgensen was throwing a birthday party and had rented out the bar, a grungy, graffiti-laden bar with a nice stage. He had also scrounged up a number of acts to entertain the masses, among them the Subterranean Poets, a Korean drum group, a blues/rock cover band and some representatives from the Beijing Actor's Workshop. He had printed and distributed a very nice chapbook for the occasion, which he gave away to all who attended.

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