Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It has been warming up here a bit, lately. I'm not wearing my big winter coat anymore and have switched to a lighter jacket. Still on the chilly side, at times, but we're breaching pleasant weather. It's actually quite ugly outside as I write this with a blackening sky brooding, the likes of which are rarely seen here. It sprinkled a little this afternoon for about ten minutes, but not nearly enough to cleanse Beijing after last week's severe dust storms. I was hoping to enjoy some food at a favorite outdoor eatery before tonight's International Open Mic at The Bookworm, but it's looking like I'll have to grab something inside.

It's a long six-day week this week as we work an extra day on Saturday before the May holiday. Holidays aren't entirely holidays in China, as we always have to work these strange makeup days on weekends before or after any holiday. I won't complain too much. We have all of next week off, which is wonderful. Hopefully, the weather will be more accommodating then. Nonetheless, any time away from the 9-5 is welcome time. Angela and me traveled last year, but we have too many things to do this year.

One of those things happening next week is a performance on May 7th with The Subterraneans and the Beijing Actor's Workshop for the release of Homonumos, an international literary, philosophical and scientific magazine an acquaintance of mine is releasing at the beginning of the Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF), which also kicks off next week. Hopefully, our event will be added to the schedule of events on their website, but who knows. We're going to record the happenings so they should be available for your viewing pleasure eventually.

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