Friday, April 14, 2006

Shaolin WarriorsThe weather has turned cold, again, after teasing us with a string of relatively mild days in Beijing. The past week has been disappointingly cold. Went out with Angela and some of my coworkers last night to see the Shaolin Warriors show at the Chaoyang Culture Center. It was a kind of martial arts/acrobatic performance. There were impressive moments and I enjoyed the show, but it was still a little too over-the-top for my taste.

Enjoying another lazy Friday morning before heading off to work for a short day. I haven't been so lazy, really, submitting some poems, listening to some audio poetry, replying to overdue e-mail, blogging and doing research without interruption. My kind of fun.

Having a tough time getting audio from The Bookworm's International Open Mic and from The Subterranean performances in recent weeks posted to the internet. The problems largely reside in our ineffectiveness in getting the audio files translated to .mp3 files. It's a pressing concern for us, but we're working on it...

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