Monday, May 08, 2006

Check out Where We Create, a nice project by Jason Nelson which includes a brief poemish bit and a picture about my work space. Just one description among those of many other creative folks.

Action-packed week of vacation finishing off yesterday with a performance at and around Timezone8 in Dashanzi by the Beijing Actor's Workshop and the Subterraneans called Broken Not Broken. The event helped to launch the new literary, philosophy and science magazine Homonumos, taking place during the DIAF. The magazine includes work in more than five languages, including a poem by your favorite poet. I include the link to their website here even though it seems to be out of order at the moment. If you have questions about obtaining a copy, feel free to send me a message.

The event was unique in that we combined acting, dance, music and spoken word to ambush our audience as we took them from the gallery space, out-of-doors, around the block and back into the gallery. Not an easy feat. We had, perhaps, 100 observers and everyone was fairly impressed by our combined performances. Pictures, audio and video of the event should appear soonish on the Subterranean website...

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