Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beijing - 2006 Midi Music FestivalI have been away more than I like, but I'll try and catch you up quickly. Trying to figure out how to keep a nice balance among all the various things which seem to be pulling me in different directions these days...

Busy past few days, beginning with Monday afternoon for the first day of the MIDI Music Festival. The weather was nice. Didn't like much on the main stage, but I really enjoyed a small show on one of the side stages featuring a strange avant-garde group called Mafeisan. The band began their show by giving an effect-laden noise/distortion performance by manipulating their guitar pedals and other instruments. The lead singer had tremendous energy and had a very strange, almost epileptic, manner of singing and moving around.

Beijing - 798 District - DIAF - BTAPEvents continued on Tuesday with a subterranean performance at the B.T.A.P. Gallery in Beijing's 798 District for the DIAF. Go to the Subterranean Poets website if you want to check out a podcast of our peformance. We were part of a longer performance featuring two other acts. These red-clad, Beijing opera-masked dudes pictured here performed before us, were quite nice to look at. Their performance, in which they actually took the spectators with them to different places around Dashanzi, spanned more than a couple hours. Even though we waited around for a long time, the weather was pleasant and the atmosphere was nice. The other performer was an unusual character who called himself Frog King Kwok.

Beijing - Chaoyang Park - La Notte della TarantaFollowing the performance in the 798 District, we left with a small posse of people and headed out to Chaoyang Park. There was another musical performance featuring some pizzicata musicians from Italy: La Puglia a Beijing. The large group, which consisted of more than 20 musicians and singers, performed for more than three hours. We danced and enjoyed the music and weather before departing for a feast of Japanese food.

After my usual Wednesday night stint, The International Open Mic at The Bookworm last night, I'm ready for a nice relaxing day.

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