Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some new links in the Roll at your left, if you're interested. Also, there's been an interesting discussion on WOMPO: The Women's Poetry List in recent weeks relating to whether or not it's OK to consider one's self a poet or not. Here're my thoughts about it...

I am a poet. I'm not afraid to admit it, to label myself in such a way. It is closely associated with my persona. It's something I do. I write. I'm a writer. I write in this space. I often write poems. Sometimes I don't do anything. Must one be revered to raise the flag? Will I jinx myself by possibly jumping the gun? Who is holding the gun? Some find it difficult to consider themselves in this light, a poetic light. And it's quite possibly a silly light. Perhaps, it is a fear of commitment. Is my claim illegitimate?

Do I only accept this mantle? Of course not. There are so many others... I'm an American, a Californian, a dreamer, an imperfectionist, a homebody, a traveler, a competitor, a wimp, a student of Chinese and Italian, a foreigner, a blogger, a musician, an elementary school teacher, a naturalist, a philosopher, an e-mailer, a reader, a smoker, a stamp collector, a baseball fan, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a godfather, a seeker, a forgiver, a lover of life and people, a resident of the planet Earth. I live with you. Are these labels any easier to brandish? Can I escape them? How many labels have I left off the list? Can I possibly list all of them? They continue to change and evolve and dissipate. The Marcacci marketing team is continually at work to redefine and categorize me even without my generous participation.

I say it again: I am a poet. I want to promote it. I want more people to do it, not be embarrassed about it. It's a matter of perspective, a way to live life. To quote one of my own poems, which is really to quote someone else: I think everyone talks poetry all the time anyway. How does that apply to your life? Are you living a poetic life? Does it matter? How are you raising your kids? I know how to raise a gun. I'm not talking about reading the drivel in books and on the web. I'm talking about a creative approach to your interaction with the world, however confined it may be. It's scientific! Make a poem out of your day. Make it yours!


amy said...

Here here!

amy said...

Or is it, "Hear hear!" ~

I'm exercising my poetic license and using both:

Here hear! Hear here!

Poet a la mode