Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The weather is finally heating up here. Yesterday was downright hot. The air quality still leaves something to be desired, but at least the weather is turning. It will be nice to have a bite on the street again.

Mostly a technical update this time around. Check out my new links in the sidebar on your left.

Hotmail is finally back after being blocked for weeks here. Not my preferred e-mail choice, but we use it at work and it has been difficult to continue our search for new teachers smoothly. The pitfall of using a free service, I suppose. Using the internet in China is often less than satisfactory and, I imagine, it will continue to ruffle my feathers as long as I live here.

While I can update my blog, it is impossible to view it directly. I can update it without problems, but viewing the results is a circuitous process. Some have asked about how I do it. I mention this because there have been a few comments here and I can't respond to them, especially if the comments are posted anonymously. I receive an e-mail when someone posts a comment, but if it was posted anonymously, I can't reply to it. So, if you have something to say, feel free to continue to leave your comments, but if you really want a response from me, send me an e-mail, which is at the top of the page underneath my name.

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