Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bow wow!

So far, this dog year I'm living through appears to be a good thing. I buying into it more and more each passing day. Possibly my best year ever! I mean to brag. It feels good. Seems like I'm indefinitely on the edge of something bigger. Getting married this summer in a foreign country carries a high excitement factor for the near future and almost blinds me to everything else. Almost. It would be great if I could devote all of my energy and thoughts to it, but earning a living, schlepping poems and whatever else happens in the meanwhile.

Good things occur with a regular regularity, documented here regularly for your unveiling pleasure. I don't even make you register! Whether you consider them as compelling as I do is not important. I will bring you into the loop on new developments as soon as its necessary.

When it's your year in China, you should try to wear something red or keep red things on your person at all times (I like that expression, but it's silly. On your person?). I try to wear something red every day, though, to keep the momentum. It's too bad that I'll have to wait another twelve years to have another one.

On to a completely unrelated topic...

Yo-yos are popular in China this season, at least, among the students at the school in which I teach. It's common to see a kid walking the dog or going around the world with the colorful spinning toys. A quick click around the internet reveals a number of other tricks. Are there really so many yo-yo tricks? It's not just a fad at my school, though. I've noticed many of them as I've moved about the city, also. Kids flicking them out in the supermarket or in a restaurant, the strange thin pendulous tongues of some kind of surreal frog. Are they as popular in other places right now as they are here?

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didi said...

Yo Yos come and go hence it being a Yo Yo.