Sunday, June 25, 2006

Performed last night at the Rain Bar with the Beijing Actor's Workshop and some other folks. You should be able to read about that show and listen to a bit of it at Subterranean Poets blog soon. Otherwise, staying up way past my bedtime. Grading papers, watching World Cup, and now blogging this.

It's awfully hot and humid these days in the city of the elevated ellipsis: Beijing. It's been raining frequently, though, as the behind-the-scenes people continue to seed the sky here with silver iodide. I think that's what it's called. Whatever it is, it makes it rain more often, and that's a welcome relief as long as my skin doesn't turn blue...

Beijing - Black-Eyed SusansIn many ways, Beijing is a beautiful place despite the Olympics-sized construction and usually horrid air quality. Spring and summer rife with bliss and blossom are beautiful seasons here and on a clear day the city sparkles. Flowers seem to be in constant bloom and, these days, there are always workers around the city doing some kind of landscaping. And it's not just during the day. The city is always spectacular at night, busy, swathed in neon, strings of red lanterns all under the shadow of the Drum Tower.

Beijing - Bus Ticket-TakerBut I like all the old things. What's left of them. The hutongs, the mahjong players, outdoor markets and old women dancing in the parks with their fans. Fashion and lifestyle in this city are so strange to me sometimes. For instance, I'll never understand why these socks are so popular, they're like sport nylons, pictured here from the bus on a Beijing ticket-taker's ankles or why men stand around with their shirts rolled up letting their bellies air. There are lots of other cool pictures in the usual place if you want to go check them out. Not only pictures of Beijing style, but also pictures of people at work. You don't need a license her to set up shop on any old street corner.

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