Thursday, June 29, 2006

The sky exploded with rain this evening. It sounded like a bomb going off, although I've never heard a bomb doing that in real life, and then a downpour the likes of which I haven't seen in two years in Beijing. It has actually rained every night for the past four nights. More sky seed or mother nature's own? I'll never know. The street is flooded now as I tinker away here in the bedroom and the sounds of car alarms and honking ring out sixteen floors below...

You can check the a new episode of The Goodnight Show featuring cool tunes by Dean Martin. Better than my first attempt, but still a long way to go. Would love to hear your comments about it if you feel so moved. I added this handy doodad here for your ease of click. Give it a listen!

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The next show is already in the works. Incidentally, all of us at The Goodnight Show are always looking for good blogs and poetry websites so, if you think yours is one of them and we'll take a look!

Miles to go before I sleep tonight... Keep clicking in and I'll treat you right.

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