Saturday, July 08, 2006

Couple reviews or recommendations for you e-gobblers out there in the blog-a-daisy world. Ever since I quit my review blog a few months back, I haven't reviewed anything. I guess I'm just being more selective. Seems like I'm also finding time these days to post a little more often, especially now that school's done and Angela and me are just about up and out of this piece.

First, a movie. I've been dying to tell someone about Yes, directed by Sally Potter, which caught me off guard. A little more than a year old now, nearly the entire movie is told in verse, that is, it rhymes. Fantastic! I hear you asking if they can pull it off. I think so, and brilliantly. Seems like people weren't rushing to the box offices to catch this one, but it's well worth checking out. Anything that gets poetry off the page and out into the world in an unexpected way such as this is, at least, ambitious and beyond the call of duty.

Yes follows an Irish-born American woman in a lifeless marriage with an English bloke who has an affair with a Middle-Eastern man. She tries to come to grips with her own responsibility in directing her own life amid religious and political issues which quickly cloud matters. The cultural make-up of the starring and supporting actors, highlighting the influence of beauty of English, also made the movie unique. Might be a little steamy for some of my G-rated readers out there, but marvelously filmed and well-worth tracking down.

And lastly, a CD. Victim of Truth, the debut album by Nneka, a Nigerian-born singer, which has been getting regular rotation on my CD-player. One of my colleagues recently turned me on to this funky and soulful music which might even appeal to some of you hip-hop skeptics out there. Nneka's positive message and creative vocals and music make it easy to swallow, aside from getting you out of your seat to shake your thing. Download some tracks, give it a listen and then go buy a copy!

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