Monday, July 17, 2006

Milano - My New Hat & A Valuable LessonIt's been busy over the past week, but I've finally snuck away to get all y'all e-people caught up. Hard to believe nearly a week has passed since we left. We arrived in Milan from Beijing without a problem, transferring planes in Copenhagen. We stayed in Milan for a couple days (thanks again to Silvia for graciously lending us her newly refurnished apartment for a couple of days! <-- this part was written with a minimum of feeling) before catching a train South to Putignano. Here's a picture of me wearing my new hat (Irish linen! or so it says on the label) which I picked up in the oldest shop in downtown Milan or so sayeth the purveyor. I'm still getting used to it.

Matera - Panorama ISeems like we haven't really had a moment to spare since we've been here, although we managed to get to the seaside for an afternoon a few days ago. The next day, Angela had a possible translation job in Matera with the Carabinieri, and we used the opportunity to spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around that beautiful old town built into the rock on the side and top of a rocky hill. You can see a few more pictures in the usual place.

It has been fairly hot and windy here during the day, but it cools down nicely in the evenings. A wonderful change from sill-born Beijing's never-ending humidity and unclassifiable weather purgatory. That's it for now. Hope the rest of you are enjoying your summers wherever you may be. Think I'll go find Angela and then we can look for an espresso before lunch...

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