Thursday, September 07, 2006

Business as usual in Beijing. Seemingly mundane things for us, but I know for y'all they're uncommon. I'm glad to get back to a somewhat regular schedule now that wedding and honeymoon mayhem have ended and seem, after not even one week, alarmingly far gone.

Started teaching on Monday and the first week of school is always busy. Looking forward to the weekend, though, as I'm still feeling jet-lagged in the evenings. Finished off a little mini-literary festival at The Bookworm yesterday evening, resuming my alternate life as an open mic MC, by participating in a poetry reading featuring Scottish poet Liz Niven, which was followed by a number of Beijing Subterraneans. Last night's show was quite special as there were a number of poets reading poetry in many different languages (Chinese, English, French, Persian (?) & Scotts) and in diverse styles. I can't imagine a better poetry gig going on anywhere in the world. Come and check us out if you're planning a trip to Beijing.

As usual, I'm pumped up about the start of football season and my tenth season running my fantasy Junior Robert Football League, a twelve-team fourteen-week spectacular. That's American football, if there was any doubt. Waking up tomorrow morning to catch the Miami/Pittsburgh opener with a few Beijingers before going to work.

Returned here with a new computer and I'm still in the process of migrating data and such, but I expect to be fully operational by this weekend, after which I can get back into my poetic life, only marginally operational over the past few months, but entirely centered around a well-tuned multimedia machine.

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