Monday, September 18, 2006

Enjoying rampant BLOGSPOT (typoed BLOGSOT which I thought was nice) access for the past five days. Maybe it hasn't quite been that long, but it seems like forever. The internet gorillas must have fallen asleep on the job. I'll probably jinx the privilege by writing about it, but it's very nice not having to circumnavigate Chinese restrictions all the time. Most of my clicks have been toward poetry blogs and, perhaps, they've simply lifted restrictions on those destinations. Us Chinese-embedded e-commoners can only wonder.

Shortly after we'd returned to the capitol B, we'd asked to have our apartment walls painted as they were looking a little grungy. Yesterday, we waited for the painter to arrive, which was supposed to occur at 9AM. He didn't arrive until 1:30PM. We weren't too pleased. Aside from the latent attention, whenever people come to do something in our apartment, we've needed various tasks performed by our landlord over the past two years, they seem to bring an entourage with them. In comes our landlady, her husband, the painter wielding a lengthy tree limb (he later used this to stir), and another unidentified woman. Another episode of the Foreigners-in-our-Building Show. Eventually, they left the painter to do his magic.

Apparently, they don't use drop-cloths here when they paint. Newspaper was spread over our things, the tops of our things, at least, and, even with this precaution, the painter still managed to get paint on our couch, windows, TV, & CDs, among other things, aside from getting it all over the floor, which was nakedly uncovered. Anyhow, it made for a long night of cleaning after the painter left.

I just spell-checked this thing and the checker grabbed "blogspot" and "blogs" among others. Seemed silly to me...

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