Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Coal Creek, Colorado - Todd, Me & MattuxSheesh! Nearly another week has passed and I'm still not back up to full cyberpo strength. I'm doing my best and the effects of jet-lag have faded by now. Actually, over the past four days, we've only had internet access on one of those days, which has made it difficult to progress electronically. I spent that one day answering e-mail that had been sitting around in my inbox all summer, which left out fun stuff like submitting work, blogging and just reading stuff.

Noticing so many silly poetry discussions in the poetry nooks and crannies lately. I'd like to get my two cents in, but I tend to get over three quick and by then I'm starting to nickel and dime y'all and that's no good. Hoping to get The Goodnight Show up and running soon (a new show is in the making so stay tuned). Take a minute to listen to one of the old shows if you missed some of them.

Oddly enough, it's my brother's birthday today in China so I'll honor him by posting this picture of him and his son near their home in Coal Creek outside of Golden, Colorado.

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