Friday, September 29, 2006

Playing Basketball - Haidian Foreign Language Experimental SchoolThe weather continues to please us Beijingers. My new Tuesday routine, at least for as long as the weather remains relatively cooperative, includes playing basketball after work with some of my coworkers. Here's a picture of Cory and Umberto shooting around before the rest of the gang arrives. We've also been picking up a couple of high school kids to round out teams and then play for about an hour together. I never played so much basketball before, but it's great exercise.

There are about 30 hoops on the playground at the Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School and, lately, they've been operating at capacity. Last week, we were bumped from a nice shady place to make way for a school-wide rope-jumping contest. They take jumping rope seriously here, boys and girls. Unfortunately, the only open court was near the trash. The air was a little ripe, but we got used to it.

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