Monday, September 25, 2006

The weather in Beijing continues to cool down ever so slowly. It's still comfortable enough in the evenings to go around in a t-shirt, though. Hopefully, the weather will be nice next week while we're on vacation for National Day. It rained last night so it's a little humid today. The sky is shady patches of white and grey and the horizon on all sides fades into misty white nothingness. Everything is wet, but it's not raining now. For whatever reason, I'm glad it's Monday.

Making this from the office at school. I have to arrive too early on Mondays and end up sitting around until lunch time. There's a meeting with all of the Chinese teachers, seventeen of them, going on behind me and it's a little noisy. Grace (these are the English names by which they are called) is using the phone and Estee is talking about something with the rest of them. Every now and then I recognize someone else's name or an English word. Otherwise, I have no idea what they're talking about. I'm watching the Sunday night game on NFL Football GameCenter and reading news with the sounds of construction ringing out from the site across from the school.

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