Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Neighborhood - AcronymicAfter a rainy and grey day yesterday, blue sky and brightness facing me outside in clear clean Beijing while I sip coffee wait for Angela to rise from a deeper sleep. Susan, a Korean girl who I've been tutoring for the past two years, will be here in about an hour, too. Rehearsed with the Subterraneans yesterday afternoon, and we will do the same today in preparation for an upcoming show on the 28th of October at D-22.

Other than than, not much out of the ordinary this weekend. Thought I would post a few snaps from the neighborhood. Here's a picture of an exceptional acronym that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, from the side of a karaoke/restaurant/other business near our apartment. Probably the most elaborate building in the neighborhood showcasing neon trees and flashing signs.

My Neighborhood - Wedding ArchDownstairs, there's a wedding going on this weekend, as well. Ever since National Week at the beginning of this month, there has been a wedding or two in the neighborhood each weekend and even, unusually, a few during the week. The wedding party going on now is one of the most lavish affairs I've seen outside the apartment building, where they have erected the large green tents pictured here. The tents are always this same militaristic make, and are erected for either weddings or funerals. I've never seen the lanterns before, though, which is a nice touch and they look great at night.

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