Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chinese e-Painting TheftIcy cold this evening. I wore a knit hat out this morning, my first donning of the season. The afternoon wasn't too bad, but my hands were cold walking home after work, so I think I'll have to break out the gloves soon.

Direct access to Blogspot domains, at least in the last 24 hours, is not possible once again. Frustrating. How long will it last? Who really knows how this Jekyll and Hyde access operates. I suspect all the kinks will be worked out of the blog censorship program by the time the Olympics strike Beijing in 2008 as there will probably be quite a few athletes and such who will raise their hackles if they can't blog. Even though we can't view the results directly, we can still set our words in pixels and, if they block that, there's always moblogging via the cell phone. You think they can block that?

Over the past six weeks or so, during which time Chinese residents have been able to reach Blogspot domains, my hits from China increased dramatically. I'm living and entertaining people who live here so it seems natural. Before that, I really didn't tell anyone in China about my blog. No one could visit the blog. The average computer user doesn't seem to know anything about proxy servers. It's not such a difficult concept, but it's indirect, which makes it less appealing for the insta-gratificants in our e-culture. We plod on, though, and it only gets easier.

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