Monday, October 30, 2006

Beijing TrafficOne of the most frustrating places on the planet is rush hour traffic in Beijing. It seems to have grown noticeably worse since I arrived a little more than two years ago. There is traffic at nearly all hours of the day. Even though there have been ongoing construction projects to develop what is currently a runtish mass transit system for such a massive city, projects which further hinder and redirect traffic, nothing seems to have improved much yet.

The incessant pedestrian press forming an anti-line in negative subway subterfuge crowding the ticket windows and opening doors, jockeying seat-whores and the rude elderly tramplers of dog-eat-dog bastard breeders. People jabbing and jabbering away on phones. People with their plastic bags and fast food. People spitting and retching up phlegm. People pedaling rusted or dust-covered bikes with bent baskets, steering or sitting upon black smoke-emitting three-wheeled carts, leaning and smoking cigarettes out the open doors of trucks, spluttering hogs and motorcycles, sneaking slipshod life-into-their-own-hands mopeds in-between lanes, cramming congested buses. People on each other in an unasked for, fully-clothed mass transit orgy of sweat and inconsideration. I rarely suffer it, luckily, and do my best to avoid it but, on Friday evening, racing to rehearsal after work, I found myself thrust among the crush and tussle to simple move through this city.

Everywhere people vying for position, honking ringing beeping nudging their bodies and vehicles, everyone sucking in the hot carbon monoxide air rising up in the almost invisible waves off the warm streets and transport of nevermore motorcade just to get from here to there.

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