Saturday, October 14, 2006

A perfect do-nothing day. A cold, rainy-day-looking day here in Beijing greyout. The sky is darker than the usual whiteout, like it's going to rain, but I know it's not going to rain. It doesn't feel like rain. We slept late this morning, which is pretty rare for me even on weekends, and time seems to be standing still. After watching a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, we look at the clock and can't believe it's already 3:30PM, but that's only because the conditions outside are so indistinct.

Angela's UltrasoundAngela went to the doctor yesterday, which is something that will be happening more and more often, I imagine. As a result, I can present you, now, with the first picture of our baby! It's a picture of a picture, which is why the words and other things are reversed and not so clear, but you get the idea. It's too soon to determine the gender, but we're not particular. Angela said that being pregnant didn't really hit her until yesterday when she was looking at the ultrasound. She's a little slow to accept change. And, if you didn't know that a baby was happening to us, now you know. We're nervous and excited about having a baby in China, but it should be a unique experience for us and for our families. Wish us luck!

Richard ToddBefore hitting the bowling alley for a raucus night of pin-action with the coworkers, including meeting the new teacher, Lauren, who arrived only hours earlier, we went to an exhibition at the Beijing City International School (BCIS). It was not easy to find, especially with an uncooperative taxi driver, but we finally found the right place. I thought my school had an impressive campus, but BCIS was exceptional sporting modern architecture, a hilltop playground and a sparkling weight-room of which any gym would be proud.

The exhibition featured photos by Richard Todd and two installations by Annie Conn. I also performed briefly with a few Subterraneans (which you should be able to read about soon in the regular location) as part of the opening of the show. Although the turnout was small—actually, I had arrived quite late, having to trek across town in Friday evening traffic—and even though most of the attendees had left already, we still jumped out and entertained the few stragglers. The highlight of the evening for me was meeting Richard and talking about possibly planning future multi-cultural activites with the Subterraneans.

Now, I should be working on the next The Countdown rather than blogging, but all work and no play make a dull Bobby. A new show is in the works, though, and it should be the best one yet so keep your eyes peeled. You know it'll be here for your ears when it's ready.

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