Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Three Dogyears in Cyberyears

http://www.funstore.cz/products/robot/idog/v.jpgThe weather here, after a spectacular autumn weekend, has continued to remain warm. It has been getting colder, although it looks like we're going to have a little stretch of relatively comfortable weather before heading into winter. But enough about the weather.

Three years heavily into myself in the blogsphere with pictures and lots of other e-gadgetry to while a few of your precious minutes away. I've developed a nice rhythm now, although it doesn't get any easier to update as far as finding time to do it goes. The usual fight for time and necessity among all things. Visits continue to increase, and most of my promises have come to fruition. I don't know what else I can promise you except to say that, there are more surprises in store. I'm not going anywhere soon and you know where to find me now. As always, send me your ideas, love and lusts.

Married now, more grey hairs, a baby on the make, plugging away on the poemachine... plug, plug, plug... My red red year of the dog which has been positive in more ways than I care to list. Suffice to say that the blog herewith serves as a gentle and completely at-your-leisure record of those events.

Now for some hard facts. Posting has improved from an average of eight posts per month to ten over the past twelve months. Last year, on my blog's birthday, it had received a little more than 2,000 total hits, but this year's hits have logged almost 5,000! Dating back to January 2004, total hits now quite close to 7,500, and I expect the blog to reach 10,000 sometime in early 2007. It's also been averaging about 445 visitors per month or, roughly 14 per day. The blog's best month was in May when it nabbed 688 hits, and its least active month was in February with 224. What does all this mean? Nothing, I guess, except that, perhaps, the blog is much more popular than it was last year.

Plans for the future? Continue doing what I'm doing. Continue the long poem here which is my life, and continue to try to bring you along with me.


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long poem yes

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