Monday, October 23, 2006

Webcam Dynamic DuoYesterday, during a very smooth webchat with my parents, my father, as if I had issued a press release, said something like: "You're only posting twice a week now," which was akin to daring me to blog. I was a little offended, at first, but then I came to my senses. It was either too early in the morning for him or he had simply already forgotten about my other recent posts. Technically, last week, I only posted twice, but I'm all about the average. I believe I'm averaging three posts per week this month, and that's about as fast-paced as I can keep it. Any more than that and Angela would probably destroy the computer. This is the way it's going, though. People just want more of me. I'm glad it's my parents, too. The rest of you will just have to wait or, actually, voice your displeasure or well-informed reflection by leaving a comment of your choosing in the usual location.

The ultrasound picture I posted a few posts back received lots of comments. One of the most successful pictures here on cyber-me. It's not a picture of me, so that, perhaps, has something to do with it. More to come, though, as we have another visit to the ultrasound machine planned for this weekend and we're hoping to know which variety springeth...

Today, curiously, someone else mentioned seeing the picture. She followed up this by saying something like: "Oh. You're one of those people," and we chuckled together, although I wasn't quite sure about the implications of that remark. I must be one of those people, I guess, I mean, why not? Who are those people, though? Proud-dads-to-be? Bloggers-who-show-their-wives'-ultrasound-photos? Is it too... what... bloggy?

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