Friday, November 24, 2006

Blogger and such seem to be working well for the past few days. Crossing my fingers that it will continue. Anyhow, taking advantage of the availability and making some small e-changes here and there. The new book I'm reading, for example, and a few new links.

Our Beijing Duck Thanksgiving dinner was a bust. The dinner came off splendidly, with a total of twelve of us which included a Norwegian and a Canadian, although we couldn't order the famous dish we had planned on ordering. For some reason, it wasn't being served. Nonetheless, both the food and the cheer were excellent. Surprisingly, a couple of teachers brought pumpkin pie, and we all had a slice after the meal.

Chinese Funeral Procession Accoutrements IIYesterday, there was a giant green mess tent outside my apartment building and what appeared to be another funeral. It was already full of people cracking sunflower seeds, eating and chatting when I got home from work. Nothing extraordinary about that and I've previously told you about these wakes in more detail, although I couldn't locate the post. Maybe you'll have better luck. What makes this one special is that I captured some nice pictures of the... well, I'm not sure what they are. Many people will carry these things down the street in a kind of parade. Actually, when we returned home from our dinner, the procession was just beginning and we stopped to watch as the mourners marched up the street to the sounds of cymbal crashing and drumming before returning to our apartment.

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