Sunday, November 26, 2006

Results of the 2006 Print/Online Journal Survey

Curious about which are the most respected venues for online and print poetry publication, I asked folks to mention to where they returned regularly. Without which publications can't they live?

I sent the survey to five e-mail listserves: Buffalo Poetics, Imitation Poetics, New Poetry, Women's Poetry and Wryting-L. By no means comprehensive. I received 21 responses, all from people who hadn't responded to the previous survey. I'm incredibly pleased to have received more than the twelve responses I received last year. Also, at this time last year, I was a member of the Lucifer Poetry list, which has since privatized itself, and A Company of Poets. I wasn't a member of the Woman's Poetry list then, either. These changes had a big impact on the results, but I won't cut it any finer than that.

Diagram and Valparaiso Poetry Review received the most votes, closely followed by Drunken Boat. All of these publications, listed alphabetically, received more than one mention:
42Opus / Big Bridge / Blackbird / Born / Conduit
Conjunctions / Del Sol Review / Diagram
Drunken Boat / Fence / FIELD / The Georgia Review
The Iowa Review / Mad Hatters Review
Mid-American Review / Minimalist Concrete Poetry
Perihelion / Poetry Southeast / Prairie Schooner
Shenandoah / Taurpalin Sky / UBUweb
Valparaiso Poetry Review
The publications listed below all received, at least, one mention:
3rd Bed / 5_trope / Abe / Action / After Hours / AGNI
Alaska Quarterly Review / American Letters & Commentary
Anemone Sidecar / Ascent / Astronomy Picture of the Day
Backwards City / Beloit Poetry Journal / Aaron Belz
Blue Fifth Review / Ana Bozicevic-Bowling / Bywords
Café Irreal / Calyx / can we have our ball back? / Canary
Cezanne's Carrot / David-Baptiste Chirot / Court Green
Crab Orchard / Craig's List / Cue / Dirt / DMQ Review
Double Change / dusie / eBay / elimae /
The Gettysburg Review / Bob Grumman / Craig Hill / HOW2
Inkwell / Iodine Poetry Journal / Jacket / Pierre Joris
The Kenyon Review / Bill Knott / The Laurel Review
ListenLight / LIT / Locus Novus / Margie / Rob McClennan
Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks
Mississippi Review / Moria / Muse Apprentice Guild
The National Poetry Review / New American Writing / New Verse News / No Tell Motel
North American Review / Notre Dame Review / Octavo
Octopus / The Page / PennSound / Past Simple / Perigree
Pleiades / Poetry International / Public Space / Rain Taxi
RealPoetik / Sentence / Sitaudis / Spoon River Poetry Review
Story South / Tar Wolf Review / Third Coast / Tony Tost
Triquarterly / Unpleasant Event Schedule /
Verse Daily / Yankee Pot Roast / Yes / xStream / Zafusy
Not all of these sites are exclusive to poetry, but I thought I would include them anyway. Aren't some of these dead? *shrugs* Lots of UNIrags, which says a little bit about the audience, perhaps. Of particular note, there are a number of blogs listed above (in fact, some of the publications above could be considered blogzines). I was surprised that no one mentioned he-who-blogs-ron.

That's about it for my limited analysis. Draw your own conclusions. Hopefully, it has some interest for some of you. Thanks to everyone for sending me your responses and comments! Let's do it again next year.


John said...

Hey Bob! (Now someone has to have some beer.) Could you add a quick note to this post telling briefly what the survey question was? Also what is UNI? Do you mean Uni, as in university? Anyway, I'd like to link to this post from my own blog, but I want to know more about it.

Bob said...

Hi, John...

Thanks for commenting. Beer, yes... I usually indulge on Wednesday evenings... beer night and the International Open Mic!

I should have posted the question, but I edited the post to reflect that a little more clearly.

Yeah, UNI is geek for university. Would be more than pleased to see the post linked from other e-places...

Hope that answered your questions...

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