Sunday, November 05, 2006

Updating by E-mail

Which is a drag. Not a banner way to begin my fourth year, but one must roll
with the punches in e-China. I've been trying to post something over the
past four days and nothing is working.

Have a new series of poems, Alphabliss or Non-Nursery Rhymes, beginning
today at Logolalia, or an outgrowth therefrom,
<>, and lasting for the
next 25 days, which is one day for every letter of the alphabet. Quite happy
to have all of the poems appearing together.

Took a bus with my colleagues and Angela to Jing Dong da Xia Gu, which
translates to something like Great Eastern Gorges. Spent Friday afternoon
hiking around the gorge there. In the evening we bowled and sang karaoke at
our hotel at the base of a dam. Saturday, we spent the morning wandering
around the lake and dam resort, Jinhai Hou, which was somewhat depressing.
Many new pictures in the usual location...

Now, nursing a cough and a nasty cold that has taken hold of me. Thought I
was fighting it off last week as I seemed to begin to take ill at the end of
each working day, but would wake up the next morning fine. It caught up with
me Saturday morning.

Staying inside today and trying to catch up on outstanding computer stuff
and housework. The weather continues to be splendid and crystal clear
outside. Today it is fiercely windy, rattling the doors and blinds, and
icily cold. Winter is coming with its loudest knock yet...

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