Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wasting Time

Used the bathroom as one might. Listened to the banging and hammering going
on upstairs directly over the toilet, which has been going on for days.
There was something unsettling about doing this while they were doing that.
It seemed like they would burst through the ceiling at any moment. It's hard
to imagine anything left to destroy or otherwise deface since they've been
working so long on the apartment above us. It really just makes it hard to

More e-woes: the number of proxy servers I must use to simply view websites
(blogs) is increasing. The sites I used to use don't seems to respond now.
Unfortunately, yesterday, I couldn't view my site using any proxy server,
which made it difficult to get work done for the new The Countdown.

Noticed something unusual about a week ago. There's a truck parked outside
our apartment complex. It's quite large and, aside from its size, stands out
for another reason. There should be a picture in the usual place soon...

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Josh's work really makes The Countdown shine.