Sunday, December 03, 2006

It snowed briefly last Friday before sunrise, but it had melted by late morning and I only saw it because I woke up before the sun rose and noticed the strange winterblue hue on the rooftops. I forgot to mention it then, and wanted to let you know we had had a taste of the stuff. The only other moisture in the air is from restaurant waste on the sidewalks. Weather in Beijing has chilled icily, but the sun has been a nice warming constant when it's not blocked by giant high-rises. Not much left of the trees which, from a sixteenth floor distance, resemble scribbles. A brown dinginess is beginning to set in heavily and the river is nearly iced over.

I performed on Friday night at the Xinjiang Music Bar with Federico Moro and a few other Driftwords poets. It was one of the Beijing Actor's Workshop's Improv Nights and there were many performances, mostly acting related. I read one of my own poems and another by Michael McClure while being attired in balloons. I'm looking for pictures from that night to add and hope to do that soon.

Spent too much money, around 1,500 RMB, at the post office today sending Christmas gifts back to the states. I don't think we'll do that again as the postage fees kind of negated our ability to purchase Christmas gifts here.

I have miles of papers to grade before I sleep tonight, and there's just nothing pleasant about that.

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derek said...

heya bob - i can record my piece, probably when i get time tonight. but should i send the file to you this time?

(& it's good to find more blogs to add to my feed list)