Monday, December 04, 2006

It was too cold to talk on the cell and walk outside tonight without wearing gloves. Safely inside now watching the blurry reflection of Christmas tree lights in our balcony window...

Periodically, a series of beeps emits from the kitchen. Not incredibly loud, but the source has been unidentifiable. It happens every few four hours or so. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I suggested some malfunction in the surveillance equipment in our apartment, my general reason for unexplainable occurrences here, but Angela thinks it's poppycock.

Our apartment was getting cold. I felt the floor, which doubles as our heater, and it was cool. We had forgotten to turn on the floor after returning home tonight. The apartment usually stays fairly warm, but it takes more than a few hours to heat up, which is not good. We won't die. We're lucky, actually, that we can control when we need heat or not. Most of our friends are at the mercy of the great heater-in-the-sky which operates on a set schedule moderated by an unknown entity.

Angela has been sick for a few days, too, unhappily stuffing tissues in her face and blowing. I'm worried but she assures me our third party is well-protected. Things seem to be improving and enlargening.


PI said...

Are there really nine million bicycles in Beijing?

Bob said...

i never counted them!