Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa MaoNothing out of the ordinary here as the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle and pulsate in their little programmed and periodic patterns, running the gamut from flickeringly manic to steady sighing, marking time as the season comes to a head. Both of us are suffering a bit of holiday blues missing our families and pondering our futures here in the three-dot capital. Our apartment has sufficient cheer, aside from the leaning tree which is seeing its third Christmas, with various additional interior Christmas components. In particular, a wreath wired to the door to greet our neighbors in the frightening (to those unfamiliar) and darkened hallway made darker by spit-circles and smudges on the walls. Exciting Christmas activities have yet to present themselves beyond possibly enjoying a nice meal together.

Just want to bring your attention to a few things on the web:

Observable Readings asks you to donate to their holiday fund drive. I support this kind of thing (free poetry events) and you can do the same here if you're in the giving mood.

podcastListen to Amy King on WKCR as she talks about MiPoRadio. It may give you a better idea about what we're putting together (I really have a very small role) with The Countdown and the many other projects our fearless leader Didi Menendez manages. Amy talks about the effect of listening to audio of my poetry, which is quite nice...

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