Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007th Heaven

Beijing - Shuguan Huayuan - Balcony View w/SnowA picture of the neighborhood from the sixteenth floor balcony window. Back in Beijing and getting back into my three-dot thing. We returned yesterday evening because Angela is working today, has already left, but I'm still enjoying one final day away catching up on what I missed. I have a nice story about our adventure over the new year holiday, and I'll tell you more in the coming days as I get everything transcribed from my workbook to the blogbook.

Last year was such a good year for me, particularly once the Chinese New Year kicked into gear. Obviously, you can click through my archive if you want to find out what was going on when. Hoping to improve on things this year, which already looks to have lots of changes in store, not the least of which is a baby on its way, but I'll leave mention of those other things until the time is right.

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