Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Went to Hou Hai on Sunday afternoon with my three Korean students and Angela. We always study together in the morning so, after the lesson, we all left together. The weather was stunning with a crystal blue sky and bright sunshine and we couldn't have asked for a more marvelous setting. People were out everywhere enjoying the fine conditions.

Beijing - Hou Hai - Ice BicyclingI had promised to take my students to a pizza joint over there and that's what we did. After taking in pizzas and pop, and then a little walking around the hutongy residential backstreets and alleyways peeking into shops and haggling with vendors, we parted company with the high schoolers and went back to the lake. We wanted some ice skating-ish activity and that's what we got!

We went ice bicycling! We rented a bicycle with skis on it. Angela hopped on the back of the banana seat and I pedaled the two of us around the frozen lake. We had a great time.

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