Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Carnevale & Madonna di Lourdes

Carnevale a Putignano!I haven't slept well since I've been here, one week today. A combination of things keeps me tossing and turning: new location, unfamiliar bed, change in diet, worry about job and baby. Awoken by fierce wind whistling today, whistling and howling through the apartment all day long. Generally, it's usually bright and partly cloudly in the morning but, by midday, it becomes fairly overcast. It's raining right now. I'm not tired of the weather yet as it changes often.

It's Carnevale now and it seems that there is some kind of activity or celebration around town every day and night. Carnevale has to be one of the best times to be here, especially in this town, which is famous for it's parade. On Sunday afternoon, the parade rolled down the main street of Putignano. You can see pictures of all of the floats here.

Madonna di Lourdes - PutignanoMonday night, yesterday, as we were returning from an English school at which I had left a resume, we noticed that traffic was being stopped by the Carabinieri. Windy, but not too, something was about to happen, but we didn't know what. We walked along quietly. A procession most likely if the streets were being blocked. A few people were standing about talking. Cars vacated the area and a dog barked. Through the speakers high up on streetlamps and balconies which usually broadcast music all over town for the festival, we could hear what sounded to me like a prayer. Then I saw all of the people, hundreds of people, some of them holding candles, flowing down the main street as they prayed, a group near the rear carrying the light-bulbed Madonna. Listen to them...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, glad to know you have settled down there. Hope you can find a good but not busy job and have enough time to take good care of Angela and ur baby :)

I'm so glad when i found you have took a pic of the stone statue from Yandai leaning street,though only two. They are not there any more...i have been playing there every since i was a little kid but never took a photo of them, really pity...

be happy everywhere :)