Saturday, February 03, 2007

THE COUNTDOWN: Episode 19 featuring William Allegrezza

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We're at it again. I'm inviting all y'all to take a listen to THE COUNTDOWN #19, my irregularly released podcast for MiPoRadio. You can do that by going to and clicking the obvious. My first show with my new producer, Josh Hinck, and my last show from the three-dot capital...

William AllegrezzaEpisode 19 highlights the poetry of William Allegrezza, and also stars these poets and bloggers from around the world: Jill Chan, Peter Ciccariello, Del Ray Cross, AnnMarie Eldon, Juan Jose Martinez, Shin Yu Pai, Carol Peters, Rachel Phillips, Larry Sawyer & Mark Young. Click on the links, which takes you to the poems, and follow along at home!

If you like what you hear and you would like me to consider your own blog's offspring for future shows, send me a message and we'll add you to THE COUNTDOWN's blogroll. Comments and conversay appreciated, front or backchannel. Thanks for tuning in and special thanks to all the fine poets who recorded work for this one!

Running out of time to make updates and other luxuries, but here you go. Possibly my last post before hitting the road or, er, the air, as the case may be. Leaving for Italy on Monday morning!

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luc u! said...


i really like what you're doing with the countdown. keep up the good work. tell josh he rocks. right on man!!!