Friday, March 23, 2007

Deviation, Italian Television & Poetry

A lack of tremendous deviation in my usual routine has its consequences. I've been writing about the weather too much lately, perhaps because it has been so erratic. The weather continues to swing one way for a few days, and then back the other way for a few days. We're experiencing the cold side of the swing now with rain and really icy wind. I hope it's Winter's last gasp.

Watching a good deal more television here than I'm used to watching. It's usually on while we're eating, and it's Angela's parents' preferred form of entertainment in the evenings. I don't mind so much as it's good for my Italian. Angela and me aren't going out so much anyway as we approach the delivery of Vito. 34 weeks and counting...

There are some funny things about Italian television. In the last six weeks, I've seen poems read on television on numerous occasions, including an Italian version of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. That's certainly a plus. Lots of scantily-clad women and, well, that doesn't bother me.

In the mornings, there are a number of different news programs to watch. A few of them simply show the host reading the headlines of the day from the various newspapers. The newspaper itself, with the article highlighted, is usually pictured on the television. In the evenings, and I really enjoy this, there will be an interview on one of the various entertainment programs in which two people are asked the same questions. The two interviewees will appear on the screen side by side, and their responses appear simultaneously. The interviews usually feature brothers, sisters or husbands and wives. The comparison of their answers can be interesting.

Affari TuoiAs dinner comes to a close, generally about 8:45, we watch a gameshow, Affari Tuoi. Contestants must choose boxes one by one until they are left with one, their prize. 10 of the boxes contain dud prizes or nominal amounts of money, and 10 boxes contain big prizes. During the game, Il Dottore (The Doctor) may call at any time with an offer that the contestant can accept of refuse, which is why the host, Flavio Insinna, is pictured here with a telephone. The largest prize is 500,000€. Occasionally, there is a special show which features a grand prize of 1,000,000€!

I'm writing every day, but nothing so wonderful. As I am without keys of any kind, I was thinking yesterday that that had something to do with it. *shrugs* Episode 21 of The Countdown is nearly finished and should be ready soon, so stay tuned...

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daniel cooney said...

The arrival of life, correct? My italian is not so good -- neither is my English, but I am an American and that says it all. How's it going Bob! I'm digging the blog, next to my and yours -- there's some content to chew on the web again! Anyhoo, getting over the flu, first time sick in about three years -- I rarely get sick so it's like the first every time. My significant other who puts up with me and I moved into El Cerrito ( the little hill) and are getting settled in. I go back to work teaching next week as my spring break winds down faster than I want it to. Hmmm. I guess I should email you this as oppose to commenting. I'll work on that. Stay well my friend and enjoy that Italian televised viewing it can't be half as bad as here -- at least you're learning something! My best to you and your family!