Sunday, April 01, 2007

After a rainy week, we thought the weather would clear up by the weekend, and so had planned to go to Bari yesterday. We went, anyway, despite the imperfect conditions and Spring thunderstorms which passed over, and bought some books. The bookstore was quite crowded as Nicholas Sparks was speaking about his recent publication via a translator.

Clear skies today, though, with nary a trace of wind, and a wonderfully bright pregnant moon popping up in the early evening as Angela and me walked through the countryside thick with long green grass and flowers.

Palm Sunday. My nephew, Alessandro, gave me an olive sprig before lunch. They exchange olive branches here as a symbol of peace and not palms. I guess that's a fair interpretation. Anyway, olive trees run amok in Putignano and the surrounding area.

To do something different, we went to a women's tennis match in the afternoon. A professional tournament started today, and we watched a match between Nadja Pavic from Croatia and Stella Menna from Italy.

So tomorrow begins the continued job search...

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