Monday, April 30, 2007

Castellana Grotte's Festival for the Madonna of the Vetrana

Castellana - Madonna della VetranaBusy weekend with local festival and the usual family activities. Angela's mother is from Castellana. This weekend marked the beginning of the festival which honors that town's patron saint, the Madonna della Vetrana, pictured here. Every town in this region has a patron saint and, on the appointed day, launches a particular celebration.

To mark the opening of the festival, there was a procession on Saturday evening which departed from the Castellana convent and finished in the center of town at Parrocchia San Leone Magno, which is the town's main church. Each year, Angela's mother joins the procession, and this year was no exception, so we went to watch. Angela, Vito (Angela's father) and me found a nice place to stand along the route of the procession and waited for Anna to pass. The procession was not very long, starting with the town's various brotherhoods carrying banners and lanterns as well as the Madonna della Vetrana, and finished with a long train of candle-bearing women.

One of the highlights of the festival is the exuberant adornment of lights (luminarie) on display in Castellana's historic center of town. Yesterday, after spending the day in the countryside, we returned to Castellana to have a walk around the carnival and along the old streets of the town (Angela's parents went to church). We all met up again before returning home late in the evening.


cgal said...

Thanks Bob for that beautiful view. My family came from Castellana but we have never been able to get back to visit. We are hoping to do so soon!

Anonymous said...

My mum and dad too came from Castellana. They left behind family but have never lost touch. They are now to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary here in Australia. They have been back a couple of times in those 50 years. I appreciate your video as it brings back memmories of my only time there back when I was only 5 years old in 1972! One day I hope to visit again!