Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Day in the Life

There's not much out of the ordinary to write, but I find myself here forcing it onto the cyberveneer.

My usual day plods on in this fashion: wake up, make coffee, drink coffee with wife and television at kitchen table, greet mother-in-law, leave wife watching television and mother-in-law tinkering around in the kitchen to read e-mail in bedroom, zombie at the computer plunking down this or that in one virtual document or another, shower, return to kitchen table when father-in-law returns for lunch at 12:15PM, eat lunch, return to computer, work until dinner (a less well-scheduled meal), watch TV for a little while, hit the sack. Sprinkle in cigarette-breaks on the balcony at random intervals and conversations with wife.

There are some some regular deviations in this routine, for example, I work on Tuesday evenings. Wednesday is market day for Angela's mother and we usually meet her before lunch to help bring the groceries home. Saturday evening the in-laws hit the supermarket for supermarket stuff and I usually have to help carry something up the stairs when they return. On Sunday, the midday meal occurs a little later, usually around 1:00PM.

Aside from the relatively bland play-by-play of a-day-in-the-life above, I'm not depressed or bored or otherwise discontented, as some have back-channeled. On the contrary, I could happily plod on in this fashion until expiring, although the people around me might not think it such a wonderful idea...

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derek said...

guess soon you can punctuate that computer time with changing nappies.

we are due may 8.